Monday, November 11, 2013

Voices of Women Worldwide invited Estherleon to be the guest speaker at the Global Peace Odyssey for children of the world shadowed by the conflicts of war.
Being guided by the setting sunlight on the waters, the Global Peace Odyssey made its way on the East River in Manhattan towards the Statue of Liberty.  With children gathered around her, Estherleon recalled her own story about coming to America and seeing the Statue of Liberty on the horizon. Who would have dreamed that she would return once again to the welcoming icon on a vessel of peace to deliver the following speech to passengers:

I believe in you and in your destiny, our destiny.  I believe you are contributors to this civilization.  You have inherited from your forefathers an ancient dream of freedom… to speak, to pray, to congregate, a prophecy which you can proudly lay down as a gift of gratitude upon the lap of America and the world.  You are life’s prayer of becoming and its answer to peace.
 To give beyond reason, to care beyond hope, to love without limit, to reach, stretch and dream, in spite of our fears, these are the hallmarks of divinity, traits of the immortal.
 You have already changed the course of history, because you “showed up.”  That means to the community, to the nation, to the world, you care… to stand shoulder to shoulder in relentless strength.
 Then we become a group of individuals... a harmonious whole.  Then we have reached as high as humans can reach to ensure a healthy and secure way of life, as it was in the beginning, surrounded with beauty for all to breathe in and give calm and peace to the heart.
I wish and declare the day will come soon when the lambs and wolves, regardless of religion or race, will walk hand in hand in peace.
We are summoned to service, to bestow our blessings of just, peace and love for all humanity.  Imprint this in your heart.  It only takes one person to switch the consciousness of humanity for goodness… and that person is you.
And the world will stand still, the bells will toll for the love of liberty, just and peace and when you, we, have reached the mount, stretch your hands and eyes towards the heavens and say 3 trillion thank yous.  Shout Halleluiah and you will feel a presence that says  -  and so it shall be.