Sunday, May 11, 2014

A Voice for the Hungry

As a childhood Holocaust survivor, hunger is not a stranger to me.  As a human being, as well as a spiritual leader, I feel it is my duty, my obligation, to be a voice for the hungry.  

1 in 6 people go hungry  in the United States. Hunger doesn't discriminate.  Babies, children, teens, adults and our elders are all affected.  Hunger can happen to anyone - your neighbor, your friend, or your relative.  Because the hardest hit with poverty are women and children, hunger strikes these groups the most.

Our food banks are in desperate need of restocking.  If you can give, remember to drop off a can of food to your local food bank in your community.  Just call ahead and find out what your local food bank needs.

If you have the time, volunteer at a local food bank or kitchen, even if it is just for one shift.  They can use the help.

If you want to do more, collaborate with your school, organization or a store and start a collection box so people can easily donate food that can be dropped off at your local food pantry.

If you can donate a dollar or more to your local food bank or kitchen, do that.  At SOVA, 1 dollar provides 4 meals!

If you are hungry or you want to donate or volunteer, here are a few helpful links for you:

SOVA Food Bank Locator:

L.A. Regional Food Bank's Pantry Locator:

California Food Bank Locator: