Sunday, May 11, 2014

The Answer: Gratitude Circles

Cantor Estherleon Schwartz proposes a solution to the recent division between the Supreme Court's justices to allow Christian prayers at city council and other public meetings.

After the L.A. Times ran the article by   David G. Savage (Prayer case divides Supreme Court justices along religious lines), Cantor Schwartz met with her Executive Director, Gail Blair and her Social Media and Marketing Adviser, Rozanne Taucher, for a meeting about the Cantor's Gratitude Circles project - an idea the Cantor has been not so quietly working on for the past year.

Cantor Estherleon Schwartz
"We need to address bullying and discrimination starting in our schools," said Cantor Schwartz, "We can all be messengers of peace and childhood is the best place to start learning about unity and community."

"It began with the saying, Having an Attitude of Gratitude," chimed in Gail Blair.  "Cantor Schwartz thought it would be a vehicle of goodwill to have gratitude circles after the pledge of alliance.  We see circles of children holding hands providing each child the opportunity to state what they are grateful for."

"It's a wonderful way to form positive community and to strengthen self esteem and team building," added Rozanne Taucher, "We see these gratitude circles growing beyond our schools.  We envision them everywhere at any time - even if the circle of gratitude is a solo expression.  Gratitude is gratitude.  We're setting up a website to receive micro videos of gratitude which we hope will encourage people to start gratitude circles in their communities, schools, organizations, and so on."